We are all Americans

We were traveling back and forth from NY to Belem several times flying among airports – sometimes 24 hours an exhaustive trip. My partner suggested to explore flights from San Juan (PR) to several Caribbean Islands in order to arrive in Belem. My city has only international flights to Cayenne, Paramaribo and Georgetown. We tried few cities like St Marteen, Curacao, Paramaribo, Georgetown all they have different languages but similar culture – The Maroons. That experience clarified cultural frames between Caribbean and Amazon and also remained the sense about América for who are in the south of the hemisphere.

During that trip my partner was very excited about this book: 1491 – New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus by Charles C. Mann. On the preface I found an important passage what corresponding my wish to turn on this blog:

Throughout this book, as the reader already will have noticed, I use the term “Indian” to refer to the first inhabitants of the Americas. No question about it, Indian is a confusing and historically inappropriate name. Probably the most accurate descriptor for the original inhabitants of the America is Americans. Actually using it, though, would be risking worse confusion, In this book I try to refer to people by the names they call themselves.

Once I moved to build up life in USA, the distance increased a best view of my culture: a big piece of Amazon in Brazil with a strong Caribbean accent influence in América full of Americans.
No pure and simple.

01. April 2012 by midiadmin
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