Eyes on the Streets

I found The Death and Life of Great American Cities the most influential book of Jane Jacobs searching for city planning and urban life in the United States. Jacobs was  an American urban planner, author and activist. She was arrested in 1968 and after that decided to leave the United States also in part because of she opposed the Vietnam War. The review below talks about an important part of the book:

Part One ‘The Peculiar Natures of Cities’ introduces the micro scale of Jacob’s ideas, ‘Sidewalk Safety and Contact’. The purpose of the sidewalk is not only to carry pedestrians to and from places, it is a public space in itself and for a district to be successful, pedestrians need to feel safe and secure on sidewalks with strangers. For this to happen sidewalks must have three main qualities; ‘Clear mark of private and public space; must be eyes on the street at all times and sidewalks must have users on it fairly continuously.’

This lady rules,  journalist and mama, she began to write her ideas in 1961 with no college degree  and she was criticized as housewife and amateur.

22. February 2013 by midiadmin
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