~ ** Magic Nights ** ~

~`/Magic Nights Part I: Featuring- The Holy Mountain\"~

~`/Magic Nights Part I: Featuring- The Holy Mountain\”~ at GoGo Collective

For some fiction of our reality, my friend Jeff and I organized four magical nights inspired by the films of Alejandro Jodorowsky (Filmaker, visionary writer, and psychotherapist). We were intending to transform the typical passive viewing experience into an interactive exploration into the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual themes of four movies: The Holy Mountain, El Topo, Santa Sangre, and The Dance of Reality. To each session we invited all group for improv-action exploring some games of teather of the oppressed and therapeutic practice of psycomagic including psychodrama, puppeteer, tarot readings, meditation and performance.

We asked people to come sober. We offered delicious food, fresh water, tea and coffee. And we got together deeply sometimes. The events were hosted at Collective Go-Go, Good Orneing collective and The Shop,

here is the facebook invitations:

~`/Magic Nights Part I: Featuring- The Holy Mountain\”~

~ ** Magic Nights Part II: Featuring- The Dance of Reality ** ~

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and a few pictures


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