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Laguna Del Condado, San Juan – PR from Giseli Vasconcelos on Vimeo.

Over the past years, I’ve been working on art projects to discuss media, technologies and politics in experimental way. I have handled collective ideas in collaboration with activists, thinkers and a few organizations in Brazil. The results were festivals, publications, meetings and conferences such as Midia Tatica Brasil, Digitofagia, Autolabs, rede [aparelho]-:, Dossie: For a critical cartography in the Amazon.  I was born in the Amazon and I lived for many years in Sao Paulo when I began my life as a mother. For love, I decided to live in the USA and I had never seen myself speaking English. So, this blog helps me to overcome this cross-cultural communication sharing my  scattered notes from travels up and down on this Hemisphere.

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